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HR Leaders Often Fail for One of Six Reasons

You can avoid these pitfalls

  • A lack of strategic alignment with organizational goals and objectives
  • Inadequate leadership support to drive meaningful change initiatives
  • Poor communication and collaboration with other departments and leaders
  • Inadequate compliance with labor laws, regulations, and industry standards
  • A talent acquisition and retention strategy that amounts to organized chaos
  • The constant resistance to change from employees, managers, and stakeholders

These six issues are the root causes of most HR leadership disasters. Coaching will help you optimize your work so your department and organization benefit.

My clients can engage me to help them optimize their career and HR departments through one-on-one coaching, group programs, and self-paced resources:

(1) Join the next cohort

SHRM HR Department of One Speciality Credential

In this 10-hour virtual program + e-learning course, you will earn your SHRM specialty credential as you leverage resourcefulness, agility, and ability to focus on the changing needs of your organization.

(2) Set yourself up for success

One-on-One 90-Day

HR Career Launchpad

Feeling like an imposter doesn't have to be your new normal. Whether starting a brand new role or preparing for a reset, work with me to create a personalized action plan to win you next 90 days.

(3) Organize your HR day

Thriving in Human Resources

Planner + Course

Feeling overwhelmed every now and then is normal, but it shouldn't be your everyday experience. Use this 12-month planner to optimize your work as an HR leader and grow your HR career on purpose.

(4) Prep for your next role

HR Career Interview Prep

+ Resume Review

Join me for 90 minutes to prepare for your next opportunity -- whether within your current organization or out -- and learn best practices to position yourself to enhance your chances of success.

(5) Optimize your department

Human Resources

Leadership Library

Ever wonder how to make your work more visible in HR and truly make your HR department a well-oiled machine? Whether your HR department is a start-up or just feels like it, these self-paced resources and group support will take you from reactive to proactive.

Growing your HR expertise with a coach means you grow your HR expertise stronger and faster.

When we work together, we will clarify your mission, optimize your time, help you get more done, refine your skillsets, streamline your day-to-day activities, and prepare you for intentional growth. If you want to sleep better a night, schedule an intro call today.

...of coaching clients report achieving their self-set goals, compared to only 35% who did not receive coaching.

Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study, 2020

...increase in productivity is experienced by those who receive coaching, including 53% increase in self-confidence and 67% in team effectiveness

Source: Harvard Business Review, 2009

...of coaching clients report improved work-life balance after working with a coach to set boundaries, manage stress, and prioritize tasks.

Source: Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, 2019

Working with a Coach is Easy!

Schedule an Intro Call

In a brief call, you and I will talk about what's holding you back and where you want your career to go.

Get a Recommendation

Based on what you share, I'll give you advice on next steps you should take. Success is best when you have a plan.

Take Action & Grow

When you move forward, you'll move from chaos to efficiency and from confusion to confidence.

Ready to get started?


Your transformation starts here. If you're ready to supercharge your career growth and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of HR, I invite you to explore the various offerings on our website. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring leader, or somewhere in between, I'm honored to be your dedicated partner in achieving career greatness.

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Free HR Career Guide

Working as an HR Department of One (or HRDOO) can be lonely, difficult, thankless, and overwhelming - but not necessarily. With the right intention, the role can be rewarding, inspiring, productive, and life-changing. But how?

Within this guide, you'll learn why it's crucial to have an intentional approach to your career progression and where you should focus next.

Thriving As An HR Department of One

As an HR Leadership Career Coach who serves HR professionals who support ~300 employees or less, I teach purpose-driven professionals who are READY to take action and bloom where they are planted.

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